About Me

I am Vicki Wilson and I have been an educator for over twenty-five years in two districts. I was a classroom teacher for fourteen years before becoming a principal in 2007. I am passionate about education and strive to make it better every day.  I am particularly interested in educator learning, leadership, organizational change, progressive and innovative practices in education, and leveraging best practices at school to make an improvement so that all students get the best possible education. As the proud principal of Monroe Elementary School in Wyandotte, Michigan, I enjoy watching children learn under the challenge, guidance, and support of the passionate and dedicated educators I work with. Monroe is a learning and student-centered school that values both student and adult collaborative learning. I am incredibly proud that Monroe Elementary was named a nationally recognized Model PLC School by Solution Tree in 2018.

Finding that sweet spot of presenting a challenge and providing support for my staff, my students, and myself is very important to me. I believe in risk-taking and the value of learning from mistakes.  I often say, “Just fly the plan and see what happens. If it crashes, that’s okay. Learn from it, rebuild it quickly, and launch it again.” 

I am honored to serve on the regional board of MEMSPA (Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association) and through this great organization, I have continually discovered the benefit of connecting and networking with other educational leaders to make a difference beyond the walls of a school to have an impact and voice in the field of education – the most important work in the world today. I enjoy connecting with a professional learning network (PLN) through Twitter, Twitter chats, blogs, and events. I am an educational author, blogger, and presenter.

I am married to David, and I have three beautiful and kind children – a daughter, Mia, and twin boys, Matthew and Zachary.

Connect with me at:

Web: vickiwilson.org

Twitter: @vickilwilson5

Email: vicki@vickiwilson.org