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Vicki Wilson

Educator  -  Author  -  Consultant

Consulting Topics Include:

- Strength-Based Instructional Rounds

- School Closings, Mergers, Transition Plans

- Professional Learning Communities

- School Leadership Mentoring
- Restorative Behavior Approaches

- Student-Centered Learning Environments

Lead With Instructional Rounds

Personalize a consulting package around Lead With Instructional Rounds: Creating a Culture of Professional Learning


Lead With Instructional Rounds

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Discover a strength-based approach to instructional rounds implementation that strengthens school culture while improving the instructional practices. 



Vicki Wilson is a dedicated educator, author, and education consultant with over 30 years of experience in teaching and administration. Her passion for education, especially adult learning and its impact on student achievement, has driven her career. Vicki holds a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate from Eastern Michigan University, a master’s degree from Wayne State University, and a Public Administration K-12 Certificate from the University of Michigan.


Vicki’s expertise spans educator learning, leadership, organizational change, progressive educational practices, and the implementation of best practices to ensure high-quality education for all students. She is an advocate for research-based, innovative approaches to professional development and school improvement.

During her 16-year tenure as a principal, Vicki adeptly managed the complexities of a school closing and merger. She introduced a strength-based approach to instructional rounds, empowering teachers to learn from each other’s strengths. Under her leadership, the school transformed into a student-centered, nationally recognized Model PLC School by Solution Tree, emphasizing collaborative learning for both students and educators.

In 2020, Vicki published "Lead With Instructional Rounds: Creating a Culture of Professional Learning," a Lead Like a Pirate Guidebook with Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. The book opens with the challenging journey of a school merger and illustrates how a strength-focused approach to instructional rounds unified a divided school, fostered a thriving school culture, and enhanced both individual and collective teacher efficacy.

In 2023, Vicki received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her commitment to service in education, as well as the Mortgage One National Educator of the Year award.

Currently, Vicki works as an independent consultant, providing professional training and coaching to schools and districts. She specializes in supporting schools through implementing strength-focused instructional rounds, a grassroots approach that empowers school staff to learn and grow together. This ongoing and job embedded approach to professional learning validates and celebrates effective practices, reduces apprehension of peer observations, breaks down isolation of practice, and improves school culture.

Vicki also provides consultation services in navigating change and transitions, managing school mergers, coaching and mentoring school leaders, and supporting teacher teams. In addition to her independent work, Vicki also works as a Solution Tree Associate, offering training in PLCs at Work.

Vicki is passionate about learning, innovative ideas, and expanding thinking through the blending of concepts. She enjoys connecting with other educators through her professional learning network, both in person and virtually via platforms like X and at conferences and events.

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Scott A Galeski
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Restorative Mentoring

Scott Galeski is a retired police detective specializing in crimes against children, a coach, a former DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program instructor, a student youth film instructor, and a district truant officer and mentor serving at-risk students using a non-traditional approach called restorative mentoring.

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